Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor real-time utility metering and data to understand facility performance trends. Plus, detect high energy usage events and proactively alert staff to potential problems and revenue losses.


Utility Invoice Processing

Automate your invoice processes. Review, approve, pay, and audit transactions to streamline your accounting operations. Additionally, ensure invoice validity, resolve vendor issues, eliminate late fees, and net-bill tenants for their utility usage.


Budget Forecasting

Accurately forecast your short and long term utility budgets. Allocate your organization’s funding payments and track those payments versus budgeted amounts to understand differences and opportunities for savings.

Service Customers

Remote Data Historian

The core of the Utility Data Enterprise System is an integrated, remote data historian, which is a central repository for all real-time utility management data. The system supports open protocol communication standards and is source adaptive to meet your specific IT / network requirements. It is integrated into customer operations and existing systems for an enterprise-wide solution. The database is designed for quick start-up using existing data sources and is scalable to add new sources as systems are installed.

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Customizable User Dashboards

Access to the Utility Data Enterprise System (UDES) is provided via a web-based dashboard that is customizable to your data and services wanted. From the building engineer to the chief officer, enterprise-wide software provides information tailored to each user’s needs. Therefore, each user is provided login access to the dashboard which is designed to meet their particular demands. The goal is to facilitate proactive (not reactive) decision making and analysis!

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